Importance of WiFi

We are in an age where wifi is becoming one of the most important aspects of any home. Smart TV's, Laptops, Desktops, smart devices, smart audio receivers, wireless speakers, all need to have a wireless and/or wired connection to function.  WiFi is here to stay for good. The main problem currently is most homes do not have a strong wireless network to handle all of these new devices. 10 years ago most homes only had on average 5-10 devices that needed a wireless connection. Now we are seeing homes up 30 plus devices needing a wireless connection. Without a good wireless backbone your devices will not be able to function to there best capability.

Our services to create a strong wireless network

Access Points Installation


These are our preferred devices to install to create a strong wireless network. We strategically install between 2-3 access points throughout your home and ceiling mount the devices. An ethernet cord is installed from each access point location all the way to your modem to create a strong reliable signal to each node.

Wireless Mesh System Installation


If access points are not an option and the home does not allow for proper installation of access points then a wireless mesh system is the next option to create a strong WiFi signal.  Each device is called a "node". Typical systems come with 2-4 nodes. They also require a standard power plug and outlet so are less aesthetically pleasing than access points

Ethernet Home Networking



Connecting  stationary devices with hard-lined ethernet connections is always preferred. This helps balance your home network. Having stationary devices such as TV's and desktop computers with a direct connection puts less of a strain on your wireless network so that it can handle non stationary devices better (laptops, smart phones, smart devices) 

Our Service

Everything from single outlet installs to whole home re-wiring. We can design a network to handle all of your devices.

Service Areas

Service areas for Audio - Video - Smart Home - Network Wiring services

 Carolina Smart Solutions is home based out of Wilmington, NC. We provide great service to the local area as well as the surrounding areas. We Primarily work in Brunswick County as well as New Hanover County but we also service areas in Pender and Columbus County as well. Some of the locations include Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, Leland, Southport, Bolivia, Winnabow, Ocean Isle Beach, and many more locations. We have done many projects over the past few years in these areas including custom surround sound systems, Home audio systems, TV installations and wall mounting. Home network wiring and setup. Some of the major neighborhoods that we service include Brunswick Forest, St James, Ocean Ridge, Winding River, Brunswick Plantation, and many other major neighborhoods. All areas are in the southeastern North Carolina areas. We are open to doing any home technology project no matter where the residence is as long as it is in our service areas.