Surround Sound Systems

 If you want to feel fully immersed in what you are viewing then a surround sound system is perfect for you. Surround sound systems allow for maximum clarity and allow you to feel encapsulated by the audio playing through your system. These systems are a must have for any audiophile. From the very basic 5.1 surround sound setup to a full 9.2.4 dolby atmos system to make you feel like you are in a globe of audio. We can do it all!. With speaker technology today it is easy to achieve a low profile in wall or in ceiling setup to keep your room looking clean and free of bulky speakers.  

 Let us help you achieve your surround sound dream. Contact us today to have a qualified pro technician come out to your residence and help you design your perfect system.  



1st step - In Home Consultation

One of our technicians will come out to your home for free to view the layout of the home, discuss with you what you are looking for in your system, and then discuss options to help achieve that system.


2nd Step - Free Estimate

Once the consultation is done all the information will be relayed out for an estimate build. Usually This takes a few days to build. Once the estimate is done it will be emailed out to you for approval. Once approved the final step is scheduling the appointment


3rd Step - Installation

On the day of your appointment 2-4  technicians will arrive during your scheduled arrival time. The work to be done will be discussed and verified before any work begins. Once everything is confirmed work will start and your custom surround sound system installed. Education will follow when all equipment is installed and setup.

parts of a wired surround sound system

AV Receiver


This device is the main part of your surround sound system. It takes all your input devices (Cable box, DVD players, gaming systems, etc) and sends the sound out to the speakers and sends the video to your TV or Projector. There are a lot of capabilities with receivers today so one will need to be chosen to meet your needs. Our top AV receiver brands that we install are Yamaha, Denon, Sony, and Onkyo



When it comes to choosing speakers for your system there many chooses and brands to choose from. Styles of speakers include Bookshelf, in-ceiling, in-wall, passive soundbars, floor standing, and on wall speakers. Each style can be used to achieve a different look of surround sound system. Our top speaker brands that we install include, KEF, KLH, Yamaha, Polk Audio, Sonance, A2V, and more.



The sub-woofer is a must have for your system. It adds that needed bass when watching your favorite action movies or shows, helping create that immersive feeling. Our top brands that we use are KEF, KLH, A2V, Polk, and more.

AV Cables / Speaker Wire


Having good speaker wire installed is a must for any surround sound system. Oxygen Free cable is the most preferred and is the only type that we use. AV Cables include HDMI, Digital Optical, and components are most used. These are used for connecting your devices to the receiver and connecting the receiver to your TV. 

Universal Remote Control (Optional)


The universal remote control is a highly recommended device to have for a surround sound system. With most systems you will have at least 3 or 4 different remotes. Why juggle between them all? A universal remote will be the only remote you will use. It will control all devices and turn everything on properly at the touch of a button making your system very easy to use. They also allow for closed cabinet control so that none of your devices need to be in the open allowing for a very clean surround sound setup. Our top brands are Harmony Logitech, URC, and RTI universal remotes.

Wireless surround sound systems


Wireless Surround Sound

Want the surround sound experience without all the wires?  A SONOS 5.1 systems is what you'll need.  A Sonos 5.1 system will include either a Playbar or Beam for your front channels these are soundbar style and look). The rear speakers can be either Play 1's, Play 5'1, or a Sonos amp attached to in ceiling or in-wall speakers.  The speakers only require a power source. When it comes to wireless systems, Sonos is without a doubt the best option. 

Authorized Dealer

We are an authorized dealer for SONOS. 

Service Areas

Service areas for Audio - Video - Smart Home - Network Wiring services

 Carolina Smart Solutions is home based out of Wilmington, NC. We provide great service to the local area as well as the surrounding areas. We Primarily work in Brunswick County as well as New Hanover County but we also service areas in Pender and Columbus County as well. Some of the locations include Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, Leland, Southport, Bolivia, Winnabow, Ocean Isle Beach, and many more locations. We have done many projects over the past few years in these areas including custom surround sound systems, Home audio systems, TV installations and wall mounting. Home network wiring and setup. Some of the major neighborhoods that we service include Brunswick Forest, St James, Ocean Ridge, Winding River, Brunswick Plantation, and many other major neighborhoods. All areas are in the southeastern North Carolina areas. We are open to doing any home technology project no matter where the residence is as long as it is in our service areas.