Whole Home Audio Systems

What is a Whole Home Audio System?

A whole home audio system is a system in which music can be played throughout a home utilizing wired and/or wireless connections that enable control from anywhere in the home. These audio systems can be classified as 3 different types. 

The first is called a single source-single zone system. These systems distribute the same audio source everywhere. This is the simplest type of system that can be installed. When designed usually no special equipment is needed other than an amplifier and a audio source. 

The second type of audio system is called a single source-multiple zone system. These systems require separate volume controls installed in each room (zone) to compensate for differences in volume, size, and shape of a room. This system is similar to the first one with the exception that volume control is independent in each room (the audio can be fully turned off in each individual room as desired).

 The third type of system is a Multiple source-multiple zone system. These systems are the most flexible and advanced systems. Different audio sources can be controlled in different zones independently of each other. Separate components are used to installs this type of system, so that multiple sources can be played at anytime in any room.

Any type of speaker can be used in these applications, including in-ceiling, in-wall, satellite, outdoor speakers, and bookshelf speakers.


These systems have become very popular in the last few years as they have become more and more affordable. Home owners of all ages are inquiring and installing a type of home audio system. Whether you want to make cooking more pleasurable, keep the party going outside during those nice summer months, or just have relaxing music play in your family room. These are a must have in any home.



1st step - In Home Consultation

One of our technicians will come out to your home for free to view the layout of the home, discuss with you what you are looking for in your system, and then discuss options to help achieve that system.


2nd Step - Free Estimate

Once the consultation is done all the information will be relayed out for an estimate build. Usually This takes a few days to build. Once the estimate is done it will be emailed out to you for approval. Once approved the final step is scheduling the appointment


3rd Step - Installation

On the day of your appointment 2-4  technicians will arrive during your scheduled arrival time. The work to be done will be discussed and verified before any work begins. Once everything is confirmed work will start and your custom home audio system installed. Education will follow when all equipment is installed and setup.

Service Areas

Service areas for Audio - Video - Smart Home - Network Wiring services

 Carolina Smart Solutions is home based out of Wilmington, NC. We provide great service to the local area as well as the surrounding areas. We Primarily work in Brunswick County as well as New Hanover County but we also service areas in Pender and Columbus County as well. Some of the locations include Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, Leland, Southport, Bolivia, Winnabow, Ocean Isle Beach, and many more locations. We have done many projects over the past few years in these areas including custom surround sound systems, Home audio systems, TV installations and wall mounting. Home network wiring and setup. Some of the major neighborhoods that we service include Brunswick Forest, St James, Ocean Ridge, Winding River, Brunswick Plantation, and many other major neighborhoods. All areas are in the southeastern North Carolina areas. We are open to doing any home technology project no matter where the residence is as long as it is in our service areas.